Michael Barmé, DDS

13926 San Antonio Drive
Norwalk, CA 90650

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Our Staff

Dr. Michael Barmé

Dr. Michael BarméDr. Michael Barmé is a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago and has been providing caring dental services to his patients for over 30 years.

In our brand new, State of the Art dental facility at Norwalk Dental center, Dr. Michael Barmé specializes in Hi-tech Dentistry. He is a member of ADA-CDA. Our office adheres to all the infection control guidelines.

Dr. Barmé has completed extensive post-doctoral training in Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Orthodontics.

Dr. Barmé has special training in Full Mouth Reconstruction, a process by which a bite is rebuilt in order to restore totally or partially worn dentitions. Specializing in Smile Makeovers, Dr. Barmé creates dream smiles for his patients.

Abby - Office Manager

Michael Barmé, DDS, Inc. Abby has been in the dental field for 22 years and is our Office Manager. She can help you with any questions or concerns you may have. She is Dr. Barmé's right hand in running the front office and you will find her very friendly, knowledgeable and experienced.

Yadira - Front Desk

Michael Barmé, DDS, Inc.Yadira is Abby's right hand at the front desk and always answers the phone with a smile. She is very friendly and helpful and will answer any question you may have as well as set you up for all your necessary appointments.

Martha - Registered Dental Assistant

Michael Barmé, DDS, Inc. Martha has been with us for eleven years and has been in the field of dentistry for over twenty years. She is a very experienced and knowledgeable Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) and her skills in general dentistry, dental implantology and orthodontics are outstanding. Always friendly and smiling, she is a great asset to our office.

Lilly - Registered Dental Assistant

Michael Barmé, DDS, Inc.Lilly has been with us over six years. She too is a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) and has been in the field of dentistry for sixteen years. She too is very experienced in all fields of dentistry including dental implants and orthodontics. Her experience with all the Britesmile and Zoom tooth whitening systems is exceptional and she will help you achieve the brightest and whitest smile possible.

Linda - Dental Hygienist

Michael Barmé, DDS, Inc. Linda is an exceptional dental hygienist who has been with us for over seven years. Very dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly, Linda is liked by all our patients and her skills are outstanding. She will take the time to teach you oral hygiene skills as well as help maintain a healthy smile.

Dr. Rafaela Rodriguez - Dental Hygienist

Michael Barmé, DDS, Inc. Dr. Rodriguez is a dentist who works in our office as a dental hygienist. She too is very skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. Being both a dentist and a hygienist add to her abilities to give you a very comprehensive service. Always friendly and smiling, our patients love the results of her treatment.